You Can Do These Three Unique Activities in Thailand

Thailand is indeed famous for a variety of activities and unique things. There are lots of places and unique things that can be enjoyed in this country. In fact, in pattaya golf, you can play golf comfortably because golf clubs are well known in the eyes of the world and there are already many people who play golf in that place. make sure you also try the exciting experience playing golf there.

Apart from playing golf, there are some unique things that you can do in Thailand and you cannot enjoy in other countries. Some of the unique things that you can enjoy there are

1. Direct contact with the life of the elephant
Elephants are a symbol of the country and are adored in Thailand. Therefore, when visiting Thailand, you must see the life of elephants in this country. There are several places that become centers of rehabilitation and rescue of elephants. One of the places you can visit is Pattaya Elephant Village, an elephant village in Pattaya. In Pattaya Elephant Village you can see elephants playing football, see elephants practicing, feed elephants to travel on the back of an elephant through the forest and over the river.

2. Visit a floating market
Small boats full of merchandise and moving on the river is certainly a sight that should not be missed when you are on vacation to Thailand. You should come to the floating market in the morning to avoid the peak of the crowd. In this place you can get various items at fairly cheap prices, especially if you are smart at bidding prices. Don’t forget to bring a camera, because the unique scenery in this market is very valuable to capture.

3. Tasting culinary made from insects
One of the unique menus that you will find in Thailand is a varied menu of processed insects. Even though it sounds scary, at least you should try it once to have a unique experience during your visit to Thailand.

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