Tips On Installing Air Conditioner

You buy the AC unit but don’t know where you should install it. If this is true, it means that you are right here and are reading this article about the placement of a good air conditioner. Improper air conditioner installation can lead you to spend money to hire early aircon servicing singapore repair.

Placement of air conditioning in the house that is not right will result in AC performance is not optimal to cool the temperature of the house. In order for this to not happen, you should consider a number of things and apply some tips to determine the placement of air conditioners below.

The air conditioning unit is divided into 2 parts, namely the indoor unit and outdoor unit. You can follow these tips to install the indoor AC unit.

– Try to install an indoor unit between the inner and outer wall of the house with an outdoor unit to maximize the performance of the air conditioner.
– Blowing wind produced by air conditioner may not be exposed to the body directly because it is harmful to health. Therefore, pay attention when installing the indoor unit.
– When installing an indoor unit, also pay attention to the optimal distance recommended for the ceiling, right and left the side of the rear, and the floor to the indoor unit.

While for the outdoor unit, you must consider these following things.

– Choose a place to install an outdoor unit that is easy to reach, safe and easy during the installation process.
– An AC pipe connected between an outdoor unit and an indoor unit must not experience more than 3 bends, because it can inhibit the refractive flow so that the AC performance is not optimal.
– At the installation of the outdoor unit, pay attention to the distance of all sides so that air circulation is more smooth.

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