Tips for Cleaning Dull Tiles

Tiles that have been used for too long by Cendurung dim the luster and become dull. Why is that This can be triggered by dirt that has settled because it is not cleaned for long or also because you clean the floor not really clean evenly. The dirt then hardens over time so that it covers the surface of the tile. With this condition, tiles will be threatened with scratches and damage. But don’t worry! There are a few simple steps you can take to overcome this. One of them is to visit tile cleaning sydney.

How to clean dull tiles can be done by using ingredients at home:

– Eliminate dullness with baking soda
In fact, the market has sold various types of tile cleaners to deal with dull stains. However, sometimes the type of cleanser has an acid even though not too much. This acidic substance makes it possible to damage the tile layer which slowly erodes so that it doesn’t shine again. Even though on the other hand, acid is relatively quick to clean the stains, it sticks like dull on the tile floor. How to clean it is quite easy. Combine baking soda with white toothpaste, then use a damp cloth and use the mixture to wipe the tile surface. Do it slowly and thoroughly so that the dull stains will slowly disappear.

– Eliminates dullness due to oil stains
Did you know that oil stains or oil that is not immediately rinsed when it comes to tile floors can trigger dull stains on the floor? If this has happened, you should not stay silent. Washing using clean water or other floor cleaners can sometimes still leave slippery and used oil. If it’s like this, you can use a sprinkling of flour on the floor and let the flour absorb the oil. After that, clean it using a dry cloth and rinse again using floor fragrance.

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