This Is The Cause Of Central Lock In Cars Does Not Work

Everyone certainly agrees that car maintenance is certainly an important thing. There are many parts of the car that has to be treated properly. One of them is the door. If the car is not properly maintained, there will be a problem with the door. As is known that the door is an important part where you can get out and enter the car in that section. One problem that often occurs in the car door is the central lock section. If this happens, then you can use the services of the Locksmith Edinburgh

The malfunction of the central lock on the car is not without reason because there are several causes for this to occur. The cause that often occurs is because of one of the alternating or connecting wires between the motor drive and the opening/closing lever of the car door lock breaks.

Actually, the automatic control system and the electric motor are still functioning properly, but because the mechanical connecting function of the drive motor is disconnected, the electric motor movement cannot be channeled to the car door lock opening/closing. Actually, cases like this are quite common in cars with autolock features. The most common cause is because most drivers prefer to open the door lock from the manual lever.
For example when the door is locked automatically, then there are passengers who want to get out, then the driver helps open the lock manually from the opening lever on the driver’s door, so that all the doors open the key.

Even though the automatic and manual functions are interconnected through alternating wires, so that when the key is opened manually from the lever, alternating the wire to the motor for automatic function becomes forced, while the motor is not moving.
If it occurs repeatedly, the intermittent wire will eventually become saturated and broken. Like a wire that is bent back and forth repeatedly.
Other possible causes if the wire is not broken, among others:
1. Motor drive that fails function – for example due to broken cables or dirty motor axles, or even a burning motor.
2. Computer system error – Better leave this problem to an expert in an authorized workshop.

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