These Symptoms Of Heart Disease Are Usually Experienced By Women

Heart disease is a disease that is most watched by all ages. The heart is a vital organ that must be maintained so that it can work according to its portion. That’s why many people start taking more about the author to help dilate arteries and veins so that blood circulation is more smooth. Smooth blood circulation can help the heart work more easily. The heart does not need to work hard to pump blood to spread throughout the body.

Heart attacks do not recognize gender and age. Men and women, elderly and young people. But in this article, we will discuss the symptoms of heart disease experienced by women:

– Chest pain
Chest pain that women feel usually occurs when they are busy doing daily activities, maybe when they are cleaning, shopping, cooking, and even resting. Generally, chest pain as a symptom of heart disease in women in the form of pain, tightness, such as being pressed, until it is like a hard object. This may occur because of a blockage in a smaller size artery that is responsible for supplying blood to the heart. In addition, the thought stress can also be a trigger for symptoms of heart disease in women that are rarely experienced by men.

– Severe fatigue
In some cases, this unusual severe fatigue can take place within a few weeks before the onset of heart disease. Either coronary heart and so on. This weak, weak and trembling body condition can be accompanied by several other symptoms. Starting from being easily agitated, constantly dizzy, and often fainting.

– Hard to breathe
Not much different from the initial symptoms of heart disease, symptoms of heart disease in women are also characterized by shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. You can experience difficulty breathing at any time, for example when lying down but then it will start to improve when sitting in an upright position. Note if your shortness of breath is accompanied by severe fatigue and pain in the chest. This condition can greatly lead to heart problems.

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