The Causes Of Damaged Block Wall

Why do you look for block wall contractor tucson? Do you use block when you install wall? There are many wall options so some people choose the block wall. You hire the contractor when you install or when you repair your block wall. The experienced contractor knows the solution that you need. Before you hire a contractor, you can find the causes of the damaged wall.

High rainfall coupled with repeated continuous heat often makes walls easily cracked. As a result, the appearance of the house not only becomes unsightly, but it can also cause various problems such as leaks or seeping rainwater.

Pipe Line Slit

During the installation process, whether it’s an electric or water installation, a cable pipe or water pipe is usually planted inside the wall, the purpose is that the pipe is not visible so that the room is clean without many cable lines or water lines. However, if there is a gap between the wall and the pipe, it will cause cracks. The characteristics of the crack caused by the pipeline gap are the long shape that follows the pipeline. If that happens to your home, then you need to dismantle the wall first.

Different Material Connections

In the science of interior design or architecture, matching different materials is a common thing to do if it is able to give a good look. If without calculation, the combination will actually cause a crack. For example, between walls and wood, different types of movement between two materials will create friction which makes the walls crack.

Land Movement

In contrast to the previous problem that can be overcome by the handyman, cracks caused by movement are problems caused by nature. Yes, moving land will also move the foundation, deflection of the beam, to the wall. Usually, these cracks only occur outside. Although it is caused by nature, this crack handling is the easiest to repair.

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