This is the reason your office chair must have an armrest

Everyone who works in an office will certainly be at their desk for a long time. This will also require them to sit there for several hours. This will usually cause a person’s body to feel sore and neck ache. For that, make sure you use the right office chairs.

Not all office chairs feel comfortable and even some of them are not included in the right office chair and good for health. One of the criteria for office chairs that are good for health is those that have armrests. Why? Because, when you work in the office, of course, the most frequently moved is your hand, right? Office chairs that have armrests can be used as armrests when the hands feel sore.

A good position when you sit in the office is the forearm forms a 90 ° angle from the upper arm. The armrest must also be adjustable according to your height and body size.