Learning English For Traveling And Improving Your Intelligence

The widespread internet, especially social media, has made the trend of traveling more contemporary among young people. In fact, there is something that makes it a necessity to ward off routine fatigue. What about you? Have you ever traveled to neighboring countries to America? Travel plans to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, other Asian countries will be facilitated by mastering English. In the meantime, you may need to take the b1 test if you want to live in the UK legally.

Not only in these countries, traveling to countries in the Americas, Australia, and Africa has become easier with language skills. Why? Yes, the answer is very simple because there are so many people in the whole world who speak English.

Ever seen a traveler come to the area where you live? Not all English people. There are French, German, Indian, African, Italian, Saudi Arabia, Filipino people. When they chat with local people, whether asking for directions or shopping at a roadside warung, they use English.

Likewise when traveling to a country, for example, France, yes English becomes a mainstay when getting lost or running out of drinks on the road. So, you don’t need to think thousands of times when you want to travel abroad. Yummy

Learning a new language makes your brain more intelligent, you know. Can I do that ???

A study conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center states that people who master many languages (polyglot) have more gray matter in the brain than those who only master one language.

What is gray matter in the brain? Well, the brain has parts. Well, we discussed the outermost layer of the brain or the cerebral cortex, also called gray matter. This layer plays an important role in memory, awareness of perception, attention, mind, language, human consciousness.

The development of this part of the brain means that you become more good at remembering, more focused, quick to understand. This is the reason why someone who masters more than one language – whether bilingual, multilingual, or polyglot – is said to have a developing brain.

In fact, learning a new language can slow down dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other brain diseases related to cognitive. In other words, new languages make your brain healthier, stay young even when you grow older.

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