Know These Tips Before You Move From An Old Rental House To The New One

Repair and clean old and new houses. It’s just advice, but it is highly recommended when you move to a rental house like a responsible tenant. By doing it, you can protect yourself from things you don’t want to happen. Furthermore, you can also hire the company of packers singapore to prevent any problem when you’re moving to a new house

In the old house

Make repairs 1-2 weeks before the moving date. Refer to the lease to find out what repairs are your responsibility. For example, used holes hanging on a wall are your job, but peeling wall paint is the homeowner’s job. You should not leave traces of trash in the old house. Take out the garbage to the garbage can in front of the house. Also make sure you don’t leave documents that contain sensitive information such as letters from the bank, salary slips, etc. Destroy them if they are no longer needed. Take some photos of the condition of the house left as evidence of future disputes.

In the new house

Ask the homeowner to repair the damage before you move. Don’t forget to take a few photos of the new house before your items are removed from the box so that you have proof if there is damage before you occupy it. Whatever the conditions, you need to clean the new house when the house is empty so you can reach difficult parts or rarely noticed.

Prepare a suitcase for the first day

Avoid the hassle of looking for items that you need on the first few nights in a new home. Prepare a special bag containing home clothes and work clothes, clean sheets, and pillowcases, toiletries, cellphone chargers, and towels.

Update correspondence address

Finally, make sure you update the address for correspondence purposes. Send notifications of new addresses to banks, workplaces, suppliers of goods/services, relatives, and friends. If necessary, report to the local community leader so that you are registered as a new citizen.

When moving, there are indeed many things that you need to prepare, and try to work one by one without panic and worry. An effective way of moving is very dependent on how calm you are so nothing will be left behind.

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