How To Choose The Right Influencer For Your Online Marketing Strategy

The important and most important thing in choosing influencers is their followers. The increasing number of followers will affect the number of audiences who see the marketing of your product or service Therefore, choose influencers who have many followers.

Besides the many followers, you also have to pay attention to the followers, are they genuine or fictional followers? This is because lately many people have used the services of “buying and selling” followers. If followers from influencers you choose are fictional, of course, it will not affect your marketing strategy. Aside from that, you may also need to hire the best geofence service if you want the more effective ways of luring local customers to your business.

Percentage of Engagement

The engagement or relationship of an influencer with followers also needs to be considered. An influencer is a connoisseur of your brand to consumers and potential customers. To see how this relationship works, you can see a comparison of the number of likes and comments in each influencer post. If the influencer has more than one million followers but only gets less than 100 likes or just 5 comments, then you need to question that.

Pay Attention to Brand Relevance

The third tip for choosing the right influencer is the relevance or relevance of the brand. The way you can choose influencers engaged in the same industry. Just look at the content that they upload frequently, at least the last 7 days. For example, for example, your company is engaged in halal makeup, so you need to look for influencers engaged in da’wah or at least wear headscarves or veils. Don’t choose influencers whose hair is painted or dressed in mini, because if this is not relevant.

Owned Social Media Account

Next, pay attention to social media accounts from the influencers you choose. Generally, people have more than social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. So look for influencers who have an influence on a lot of social media. In addition, you also need to make a suitable marketing strategy to deliver the right message from every social media influencer account. It is intended that the specified target market is achieved.

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