Design And Preparation For Installing A Bathroom Fan

A bathroom fan is needed to remove moisture and foul smell from the bathroom in your home, also prevent the growth of mold and mildew. You can use services from the professional handyman in singapore.

Determine the right CFM level. The first thing you need to install a new bathroom fan is to determine the CFM level for your bathroom, so you can buy a fan with the right power. CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and it refers to a lot of air that can be moved per minute by the fan. Small bathrooms require low CFM fans, for larger bathrooms, you will need a fan with a higher CFM.

To calculate CFM for your bathroom, multiply the volume of the room. For instance, if your bathroom is 11 square meters, you will multiply the ceiling height (for example 2.5 m) to get a CFM level of 27 cubic meters or 960 in cubic feet.

Consider the sound level of your fan. The next thing to consider is the sound level of your new fan where the size is sone. New fans usually have a sound level between 0.5 (very slow) and 6 (very loud) sone. Some people prefer very slow fans, while others consider that a loud fan will maintain privacy, especially in public areas at home. Like CFM, the sone level of the new fan will be written in the box.

Choose the location of the fan. The location of your bathroom fan is very important. It must be installed in the middle between your toilet and shower for optimal ventilation.

Gather the equipment needed. Installing a bathroom fan is a home job to do on its own with basic timber capabilities and electricity capabilities. Before you start, it’s good if you have all the necessary equipment and easily available material.

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