Consideration In Choosing A Logistics Warehouse

We can describe warehouse as part of a logistics system of a company that functions to store products and provide the status and condition of materials or products stored in the warehouse so that the information is always up-to-date and easily accessible to anyone have an interest. There are several reasons that underlie a function of which is quite important in the world of logistics, including helping the production department, assisting the marketing department, reducing transportation activities for production costs, coordination between demand and procurement. Meanwhile, the purpose of the self storage as a part of storage process is to ensure the avoidance of goods from damage and loss so that they are ready to be sent or given to them when needed.

The warehouse itself is a facility that functions as a location for distributing goods from suppliers, to end users. In operational practice each company tends to have an uncertainty regarding demand. This encourages the emergence of policies from companies to conduct inventory systems so that demand can be anticipated carefully. With this inventory policy, it encourages companies to provide warehouse facilities as a place to store inventory items. Understanding the importance of warehouse functions in logistics activities as an inseparable part of the supply chain or supply chain that we provide warehouses for rent according to customer needs. Please contact our marketing to get more information regarding the availability of storage area and offering the best price for you.

Warehouse location is very wide, strategic and quite close to Airport and toll road access. The basic functions of the warehouse itself include the process of receiving, identifying and sorting, storing, retrieving goods from storage, collecting orders, packaging, shipping, and maintaining documents. Operating a warehouse involves several process and activity activities. Efficient operation of the warehouse depends on how well the execution of warehousing activities and process activities is carried out.

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