Addiction Treatment Methods

Nowadays the method to cure addiction used in alcohol addiction treatment center is much more different than a century ago thanks to the development and advance in technology that make us understand addiction better. Addiction is an illness that we fought for a very long time. In the 1800s, the most common substance abuse cases are alcohol and opium. This situation happens due to the use of these substances in medication. The most commonly used treatment for people with addiction in those years is hydrotherapy. Even though this therapy mostly used to treat mental illness patient, it is also believed to cure alcoholism.

Around the 1930’s the aversion therapy was introduced and it became a treatment used in almost every case including mental illness and addiction. This treatments goal is to make the person dislike alcohol by introducing unpleasant stimuli by inducing nausea whenever alcohol is presented. This treatment success rate is relatively small and in 1950s lobotomy was found. Scientists found that addition problem was tied to the prefrontal cortex, thus this medical procedure used to remove the frontal lobe of a brain. Again, this procedure is not successful then the electroshock therapy was used. The patient will be shocked repetitively with wires around their body in hope to cure addiction. In 60’s the hallucinogenic drug, LSD, used to treat alcohol addiction.

With modern technology and development in the medical field, many of the previous methods considered cruel and inhumane. Nowadays you will find a treatment that focused more than just detox but also recovery in mental health. This will result in a better balance in someone’s body, mind, and soul so they will not be going back to an addictive substance. The modern therapy will also include emotional recovery that is a common reason for addiction. That is why it is better to seek professional help from a treatment center when you suffer from this disease.

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